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Acrylic Pour Art: Part 2

My Acrylic Pour Art dried… which you might think is the end of the story, as it looked spectacular!


But what I really wanted to try was pour art as a background image to a solid black foreground image. So I went out and got plain black acrylic paint, and got everything set up to complete the piece.


I’d had a chance to brainstorm for days while it dried. Which was nice. I decided what I really wanted was a sunset scene, so I began to work…

This looked good, but I thought it was kinda boring by itself, and decided to add a fantasy element: silhouettes in the sky of another planet… somewhere in the Andromeda system perhaps?

VIEW: 2 planets and a comet

You can really tell that I’m not used to using acrylic paint here… I usually use ink from a pen with a watercolour background… but you know, how will I ever get better if I don’t practice? and I might try ink on the next one just to test how it feels…. I also signed the image in the corner. My artwork is finally complete! Now I just need to find room on my already art-laden walls to hang it.


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