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Creative projects that are in progress or completed will be talked about and uploaded here

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    Acrylic Pour Art: Part 2

    My Acrylic Pour Art dried… which you might think is the end of the story, as it looked spectacular! But what I really wanted to try was pour art as a background image to a solid black foreground image. So I went out and got plain black acrylic paint, and got everything set up to complete the piece. I’d had a chance to brainstorm for days while it dried. Which was nice. I decided what I really wanted was a sunset scene, so I began to work… This looked good, but I thought it was kinda boring by itself, and decided to add a fantasy element: silhouettes in the sky…

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    Acrylic Pour Art

    Hey all, I decided to try something new that I’d seen a lot of videos for: Acrylic Pour Art. I started this process by looking up a written tutorial, and came across this one.  I found it to be very clear and straightforward, and I took pictures as I followed! I got these supplies from my local art supply store & the dollar store. Included was a drop sheet, Popsicle sticks, plastic cups (in 2 sizes), a squirt bottle (from the dollar store), and a painting spatula, canvas, pouring medium, school glue, and paints (from the art supply store). Pictured is also our scale, but I found I didn’t need…

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    The playmat

    Recently I began an online search for fun play mats for children. What I discovered was that finding any reasonably sized playmat was difficult, but even more unreasonable was the price (for my budget, at least). These play mats were amazing and I know the creators deserved what they were asking but I just couldn’t contend with that pricetag. So I did what anyone thinks is a good idea, and I decided to sew my own. I looked up fun children’s fabrics that told a story and decided I liked one at that was quite playful. To make it reversible, I bought two fabrics! The two fabrics were delivered…

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    My new dress shirt

    2 days ago I finished a dressy shirt, and then I spent the next 24h period ish, in between taking care of a baby, trying to fix the images so they would download onto the app. Unfortunately, because 2 days ago is also the day I decided to start this blog, I don’t have a lot of my process recorded. However, I thought it would be fun to share what I’ve done. I started this dresssy shirt with a pretty basic pattern/design I’ve used before. I’ve used the pattern/design to make the top part of dress once, where the bottom was a simple circle skirt. See my post here (insert…